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Thank you to all who helped make the Elastic{On} 2017 ballet project a success

Without a doubt, we owe the success of this project to our amazing team. For nine months you've each taken this crazy vision seriously and professionally, and we couldn't have pulled it off without each of you.

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Marketing web design

Marketing websites are a vehicle to present a compelling story. Kasey's background as a designer in traditional media has given him a unique perspective as a marketing storyteller. In addition, his experience designing software systems for businesses has given him insight into the habits and patterns of the people who use computers every day. This combination means that a website by Kelly Creative Tech will not only be beautiful, but the interface will be fast, and the design will guide the site visitor through a delightful and persuasive narrative efficiently. Browse the recent projects below to get a feel for the quality of work that you can expect from Kelly Creative Tech. All of these designs are responsive, so check out these links on different devices to see how they adapt.

Custom software development

Solving marketing goals and writing custom software requires the same core talent: listening to our clients. Before we write a line of code, we work hard to understand the real problem. In our nearly ten years of experience we've built intranets, tools for industrial automation, e-commerce apps, and have orchestrated countless third-party API integrations. We've also managed projects and augmented teams from Boston to Silicon Valley to bring fascinating new business ideas to life.

Consulting for Designers and Agencies

A significant portion of our business comes from partnerships with designers and marketing agencies. Because of Kasey's education and experience as a traditional graphic designer, these clients appreciate his eye for detail as he translates their designs to fluid, responsive websites complete with a user-friendly Content Management System in a secure hosting environment. The following projects were designed and managed by other agencies, and Kelly Creative Tech is responsible for the frontend development, Content Management, and hosting.

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