Thank you to all who helped make the Elastic{On} 2017 ballet project a success

Without a doubt, we owe the success of this project to our amazing team. For nine months you've each taken this crazy vision seriously and professionally, and we couldn't have pulled it off without each of you.

Kat Meler – Co-Producer and Art Director

Jamielyn Duggan – Performing Artist
Sarah Griffin - Dance Director
Kelsey McFalls - Understudy Performing Artist

Evan Babb – Engineer

Uriah Findley – Composer and Musical Artist (download the song!)

Crystal Titus – Costumer and Stitcher

Bill Gies – Engineer

Justin Oliphant – Videography

We'd also like to thank Haley Eshagh and the rest of the Elastic team. You trusted us to bring ...


SEO and Social Media Marketing

If you're interested in a good starting point for Search Engine Optimization, I wrote about that a couple of years ago and it's all still relevant today. The bottom line is that we write our code, and the software that you'll use to create new content, for optimal search engine findability. I don't typically make a big fuss over this, as I'm simply following industry-standard best practices. Technically well-formatted code is the minimum starting point for a good website.

The smartest thing to remember about Google and all of the major search engines is the ...


Presenting web design work

When we designers were in college, we were taught how to elegantly present design work. Black boards, spray mount, and $20 inkjet prints have been the norm for years for branding work and print design client presentations. When presenting web design work however, this method work causes many easily-avoidable problems:


A note to students: you should learn this stuff.

I promised to compile a list of resources for CHS students several months ago … and now that the school year is about over, I suppose it's now or never.

Before you begin, there are a couple things you should know.

HTML/CSS: Describes what is on the page, and how it looks. If you're interested in design, learn these tecnhologies first.

Javascript: This is a front-end language that tells the HTML/CSS what to do. "Front-end" means your computer downloads the file from the web server (the back-end), and runs the functions that the ...


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